The world, the universe and everything in it, lives in constant motion. The admiration and amazement that I feel
    for the beauty of nature challenges me to shape it in paintings and sculptures. This process is compelling and challenging.
    It is a journey in which I attempt to conquer the unknown.

    My work is often thematically built around water, storm, landscapes and stairs. Typically in my paintings is layering,
    motion, color, spaciousness and humor. It is realistic but with a unique panache.
    Within the process of painting is room for coincidence and it does not proceed according to a fixed pattern. I am experiencing
    confrontations with both the possibilities and the limitations of the imaging means.

    The interplay between material control and image, between a formal and emotional approach, I try to incorporate into
    powerful images. I strive to incorporate powerful images by material control and image formation on the one hand and
    the interplay of a formal and emotional approach on the other hand.

    For 20 years I am fascinated by clay. In this work I continue my own style with predominant themes like animals and
    stylistic figures

    Within each category I present an overview of my work.
    Please contact me for any further information regarding the work shown.